Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For my consideration...

Okay... so as noted before, my blogging is sporadic at best. But that's just how I am--too busy living life to write about it. Then I have those moments of repose, which are too few and far between, and I sit back and mull things a bit. Politics, like the weather, is crazy this season. I do like Obama's way of doing business, though. Two jobs takes up far too much time. Even though I'm not getting paid for the one, I know we're on the near edge of it being a huge success... Family, don't get me started there. Let's just say, they messed with the wrong person's momma, and if they don't fix it voluntarily, I'll be taking care to be sure they do so anyway. I've been writing a bit more often outside this space... My hubby's gotten his muse again, so that's two blessings. Later!

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