Monday, October 17, 2005

"What this town needs is an enema"

Okay, I know it's a cheesy quote, but I do think the idea is applicable for day and time. I've pondered on this for a long while, and I truly believe that a large portion of our citizenry really take for granted all the things that come with citizenship and that with these gifts come also great responsibility.

It is my responsibility as a citizen to stay aware of what my government is doing--at least by knowing what the candidates said they would do and then watching what they really do. We should be watchdogs on our government... the whole "Power corrupts" philosophy. Some powerful people have been taking advantage of the people's trust. And given our citizenry, no wonder they would dare! Being a citizen of this country is a gift and most people don't realize how precious it is! We have rights that are slowly being whittled away. Unless We the People stand up for them, we're going to lose them.

We the People allowed ourselves to be scared into supporting an invasion into another country! We have NEVER been the aggressors before. And the reasons we were scared--need I say WMD's--never materialized. We the People were lied to and manipulated. Where's the Impeachment??? We can impeach someone over an affair but not over manipulating our citizenry into support a multi-billion dollar effort to change a regime in a country that couldn't have possibly hurt us. Instead of having the resources to deal with N. Korea or Iran--who have shown that they are indeed bigger threats than Saddam ever was!

Those billions of dollars could have been put to much better use! Not to mention the thousands of permanent injuries and hundreds of deaths to our brave men and women over there! I criticise policies, but I definitely support our servicemen and women. They are doing the job given to them under horrid conditions and are trying to do it to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, some powers that be seem to be misguiding them in some cases, especially, it seems, with prison guard duty.

Hooray for the media who are finally showing a backbone again and are telling us about these investigations of highly placed officials. I don't mention political parties because I have seen both of the major parties involved with these kind of democracy-destroying attempts at personal and/or party power and influence.

And to talk about another thing that's been bugging me... when did conservative start meaning "social conservative?" I'm a conservative... but of the governmental policy kind... I've been shaking my head over this one. The president gets these social conservatives to support him through his religious beliefs, but then does nothing but help big business when he gets into office... something that is probably hurting a bunch of these "social conservatives."

So I'm going to create a new word for the thoughts I've spouted about above. I call it DEMOCRAZY! More to come on that...

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