Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Adopt Our Troops!

I just wrote an Army Sergeant who is attached to training the Iraqi Army. Through shared interests we have come in contact with each other. No, this is not a romance story. I am quite happily married to my husband, who is an Army vet, himself. As a citizen of the United States, it is my responsibility to support our troops. Regardless of my personal feelings about our leadership and that I never supported the Iraqi war [I wanted us to finish the work in Afghanistan (which I FULLY SUPPORTED).], I need to show my support for our troops. So I have been writing to him. I'm hoping he'll write back with an address so I can send brownies (better ones than my husband tells me can be made out of some MRE ingredients).

So here, in this online space, I again am showing support of our troops. I have adopted this man and his unit for the duration of their stay on foreign soil. I think of them every day and pray for their safety. I thank them in my heart for making the choice to be a part of our country's defense. I respect and admire them. I couldn't make the choice they did and enter the service. But I can and do make the choice to let them know how much I appreciate them! So I urge anyone who reads these pixels to please stop a moment in your busy lives and thank those who ensure we have a free society.

And if you have it in your heart, please contact them. Adopt one or more of our troops for the duration... Because it is our job to remind them why they put on that uniform every day. It is our job to keep their spirits up and remind them how important it is to live in a land of the free and a home of the brave!

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