Friday, July 31, 2009

Late night musings

My brain is a whirlwind of ideas. It's a good thing I've got some time to figure out which direction(s) to go in from a professional perspective. I've got a few different passions in addition to some unique ideas that I'm interested in trying. I'm finding that I'm so excited about all the different opportunities, it's hard to focus on any one at a time.

And I've also discovered that it is hard for me to relax and take a vacation with my brain constantly whirling. Don't get me wrong, I have gotten some quiet time, and I feel much less stressed now than I did in June... But I have discovered that it is in my nature to always be planning or thinking about what comes next. I have to balance that habit with also living in the moment and not taking those moments for granted. It's amazing how wonderful things can happen in the most ordinary of situations... like the way my husband looked at me this morning, just one glance and I know I am loved to the moon and beyond.

Or take the grocery store today...

My daughter and I are at the cash register and the cashier looks at me funny when I say she's my daughter. Then I explain she's actually my stepdaughter but while we're not biologically related, our hearts are. The cashier gives us an incredulous look because she thought we really were related. We actually get that fairly often. A lot of times people mistake us for sisters... which does my ego quite a bit of good to be able to pull that one off. Hopefully, one day in the far future, I'll look like an aunt instead of a grandma. = )

It amazes me that I have so much in common with my girls, but in different ways with each daughter. It sometimes feels like they each have a part of my personality, but it's been that way since the first day I met them when they were 3 and 8. My youngest daughter calls herself an animal freak... that's one of my favorite parts that I share with her... that and her moral compass. With my oldest, I think the best way to describe it is her thoughtful compassion. It fills me with pride every time she handles odd or hectic situations in such an adult and responsible manner.

I am proud that I'm helping to raise such amazing young women, and I'm so very grateful to their mother for sharing them with me.

So where am I going with this... Don't get into the habit of taking your loved ones for granted. Appreciate them, be with them, and pay attention to those ordinary but special moments.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Good advice, I think we all need to be in the moment more.

  2. Funny enough, I really started learning that at my former company when it comes to my diversity work. Then the ah hah came earlier this year that a lot of what I've been doing in diversity could apply to other parts of my life, too. Thanks for stopping by! Tams


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