Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Being Good

I just finished reading a book called Tathea... What drew me to it was the name because I've always been interested in odd names beginning with T (a quirk of mine). Anyway, the protagonist is a woman who was an empress of a country that suffered a coup and she was the only survivor of the ruling family. Tathea embarks on a journey to initially save herself and in doing so discovers her true purpose in life: to lead people to God by showing them and teaching them to strive to do good things in heart and action.

It's a fictional tale that discusses a possible origin of Christianity and is quite interesting. Being a non-christian, myself, I find it a very interesting read, nonetheless. The basic message is to keep love in your heart and follow the law of constently striving to be good and do good, regardless of the trials and tribulations you face, and to learn from mistakes and to strive to be better. I now find myself wishing that more people (no matter what the name of their religion is) were to follow these precepts.

Can you imagine what a better place we could make this world if each of us tried our very best to be good and do good?

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  1. Anonymous5:41 PM EST

    If people universally lived the golden rule, 90% of all laws - and the bulk of our legal and military economy (courts, jails, lawyers, law makers, police, soldiers, etc.) - would be superfluous. Interestingly, every major religion has some version of the golden rule. Strikes me as a universal truth, if not yet a universal practice. Maybe in our lifetime..?

    -Mark Vanderpool


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