Monday, August 08, 2005

What would Heinlein think?

Anyone who really knows me will know that Robert A. Heinlein (and thus Ginny Heinlein) had a huge impact on me. I find it amazing that many of the themes I've seen in Heinlein's work are being brought to life in the real world.

Does anyone else think that we are on the brink of the Crazy Years?

I'm not going to be writing about survivalist stuff... although I do believe in that famous "Always Be Prepared" motto...

I believe that our country is facing a crisis. I believe our freedoms are being infringed upon and I believe that "bread and circuses" is becoming a reality these days. I would sincerely like to see our entire federal and states budgets have the slate completely wiped clean so we can get rid of all the pork barrel politics that have been happening.

In addition, I would like to see our tax system completely converted. At the moment, I'm sold on a national sales tax since we're a hugely consumer-based economy. Of course, the idea of only being taxed one time ever instead of again and again and again also tickles me. I'd rather hold onto my money and earn interest on it before I spend it.

And lastly but most importantly... I wish those in charge of our government would stop trying to meddle in my private life!!! Government should exist to serve the people, not control us. More on this later.

My thoughts... I wish Heinlein were here so he could do some more grumbling!

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